“ He Who Troubles His Own House”

The Proverb that I wish us to look at is Proverbs 11:29 which says, “He who troubles his own house will inherit the
wind, And the fool will be servant to the wise of heart.”  Why would a person trouble his own house? Yet many
men and women do this very thing. There is enough trouble that exist in the world as is without someone
choosing  to bring trouble into his house. Trouble comes in all shapes  and sizes.  There are car accidents, hail
storms, tornadoes, floods.  Worse troubles are sickness and death that invades the home.  No one in their right
mind goes out seeking these troubles to bring upon their family.  My air conditioner in my van went out this past
week. Others I know have been having car problems. We don’t go out looking for these troubles. These
mechanical problems puts an added burden on one’s household to pay for the expense of repairs and also
places a hardship on the family who may have to do without some necessary things so that the car might be
fixed. Without a car, a person can’t   go to work in order to support one’s family. These kind of troubles can’t be
prevented. But  if  I tore up my van because I have been  drag racing,  then I would have brought trouble on my
house for no reason. Why would anyone lack the common sense to do this on purpose? That’s what this Proverb
addresses.  Some men and women bring unnecessary trouble upon their house.  What will they receive  for
doing this? Not a thing,  but  a lot more trouble.   How would you feel  if someone told you that a lawyer would be
contacting you about at inheritance that you would be receiving,  only to find out from the lawyer that the amount
that you would be receiving was equal to the amount of  “inheriting the wind”, which is equal to nothing.  You
cannot grasp the wind in your hand, nor put it in your pocket. It is a  way of saying, that you will receive
absolutely nothing. When those people who trouble their  house on purpose are finished, they will have nothing
that is “truly valuable” in life.  We see this happening in our society all the time.
What will the man have left  that troubles his own house by drinking alcohol beverages  or using drugs?  How
many wives have suffered shame and embarrassment by their husband’s  alcohol use?  How many children
suffer from lack of fatherly attention and affection, because their father loves the bottle and gives it all his
attention!  Wives and children suffer the lack of physical necessities for the financial resources are wasted on his
addiction.  The man loses his job because he is undependable as he recovers from  hangovers that become
more frequent and severe.  The man loses his wife and children’s respect and love. They are forced to leave
him  behind because of his physical and verbal abuse given while he is in his stupor and uncontrollable rage.  
The man even loses his own self-respect.   Some think they are sophisticated by their use of alcohol.  Such a
person chooses to trouble his house! How ridiculous it is to seek trouble! This is not a very smart thing at all.
The wife that seeks an extra marital affair seeks to trouble  her home also. Why not appreciate what you have?
Many Christians have the homes  that God describes in Proverbs 31:28 & 30, “Her children rise up and call her
blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her.”, “… But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”  But
some will lose that godly  home and the praise of her family, because they bring the trouble of infidelity into their
home.  They lose a godly home in order to divorce and remarry and to  abide in an adulterous and sinful state.
(Matthew 19:9) To abide in sin is to “abide in death.”  (cf. 1 John 3:14; 1 Tim. 5:6) The adulterer  abandons  God’
s fellowship. “If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness , we lie and do not practice the
truth.”  (1 John 1:6)     When a person doesn’t have God, he doesn’t have nothing anyway.  He “inherits the
wind.”  Friends, do not trouble your house in this way!
Others trouble their house by their greed for worldly possessions and riches.  Some steal and embezzle  from
their employer and when caught  will lose their jobs and possibly suffer  even worst consequences  that will
trouble their house and family. Some in their covetousness will gamble their paychecks  and  savings away and
go into deep debt that cripple a family’s  financial status for years.  Ones  family’s  ends up paying  the price for
their greed.  Are you looking for trouble? How silly we are to do so! Not only are we silly, but we are selfish and
don’t care who else we hurt.
It is no wonder that the rest of this verse speaks about this “troubler of his house”  as being a servant or slave of
the wise of heart. The wise person  does not go looking for trouble.  The foolish person never seems to learn to
quit troubling his own house. Sad, but true, many never learn to do any better. The wise know not to trouble their
own house! Are you wise or foolish? Nolan Glover