Why I am a Member of the church of Christ
                                                                         by Myrl Frederick
                                                                                  Part 1

The following are the reasons; not my personal reasons, but reasons found in God's word.  Take your Bible and read
and study
all the scriptures given and be not mislead by what man may say.  By listening to man alone, your soul could
be lost forever.

1.  The church was built by a scriptural builder (Christ).  In Matthew 16:18 Christ promised to build
his church.  
That            promise came true in Acts 2.  Please read the entire chapter.

2.  Because of the scriptural founder (Christ).  He is the purchaser- Acts 20:28, the Head- Ephesians 5: 23,
the                    Lawgiver- Acts 2: 36, the Savior- Ephesians 5 :23.  Did Jesus Christ establish the church where you
attend services?

3.  Because of the foundation.  Christ the Son of the living God- Matthew 16:16, This rock; the Son of God
Matthew             16:18, the laid foundation- 1 Corinthians 3:11, the tried foundation- Isaiah 28:16, the Apostolic
foundation-                      Ephesians 2:20. Is Christ the foundation of the church you attend?

4. Its Origin.  A.D. 33 in Jerusalem. After hades failed to hold its builder(Christ)  kept His promise.  He built the
church         He had promised to build Matthew 16:18. Acts 2: 31-47.  The church was built while the apostles lived-
Mark 9:1.  Did      the church you attend have its beginning at Jerusalem in A.D. 33?

5.  The designation by apostolic authority.  Christ called it :  My church - Matthew 16: 18, The Kingdom of
Heaven-               Matthew 16: 19, My Kingdom- Luke 22: 30; John 18: 36, Kingdom of God- John 3: 5; Luke 22: 16.  
The apostles              called it: The Church- Colossians 1: 18; Ephesians 1: 22; Ephesians 3: 10; Ephesians 5: 23-32,
The Church of the         Lord- Acts 20: 28, the body of Christ- Ephesians 1: 22-23.

6,  The Lord's Supper taken upon the first day of the week.  Acts 20: 7 reads; And upon the
first day of the
,             when the disciples came together to break bread, Paul preached unto them, ready to depart on the
morrow; and             continued his speech until midnight.  Where you attend worship, is the Lord's Supper served
every first day of the         week?